About The H&H Company

Hey! Just who are we? Nice of you to ask. Well first, we’re a bunch of nerds that do nerdy things. But really, we’ve found an over-priced, under-developed problem and we’re trying to fix it for you!

To Elaborate…

Our number one priority and commitment is to offer, at all times, a world class service which enables our clients to increase their overall web / social media presence. H&H Real Estate Media, Inc. provides leadership in providing Real Estate agents a luxury website at an affordable price as well as superior sales, service, and marketing support to Real Estate agents, while growing its revenues, maintaining its profitability, and satisfying the professional needs of its employees and partners.

Integrity is what we live by. Its consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles. Its honesty and truthfulness no matter who’s watching. Its doing to the right thing no matter what.

We strive for Excellence in all we do to deliver the highest level of professionalism and experience, while building long-term relationship with each customer as an individual. To provide strategic counsel, creative solutions, and timely, responsive services. We treat our clients as if they’re family.

Our goal is to help real estate agents in regards to their marketing, even if they end up going with another company. It is not about us, It’s about our clients and doing what’s best for them.

Justin Hancy Headshot H&H Real Estate Media, Inc.Justin Hancy – CEO / Co-Founder
Remember Snood? Ya, he used to play the computer game, Snood, as a break from his computer science homework. Hailing from the snowy hills of Ithaca College in upstate New York, he was barricaded in the computer rooms for many days and nights by the snow and had nothing better to do than study and do his computer science home work… and hand it in on time (most of the time).

After all the cold, dark days and nights in the computer rooms, California was calling his name as a change was needed. Justin spent way too long on the road making a crazy cross country journey that took an entire month. When he finally arrived in San Diego, it instantly felt like his new home.

Justin worked as a real estate agent but then started a couple companies all pertaining to “nerding out” for the greater good, but finally settled into H&H Unlimited Media. Since 2007 the company has been creating custom websites and social media pages for anyone looking to enhance their online presence. While this company still exists, Justin’s main focus and future endeavors are now with his niche company here at H&H Real Estate Media, Inc.. Reason being, he feels there is a real need for quality websites in this market while real estate agents have been getting “duped” for years with the amount they are paying for under developed, old, stagnant, and just plain bad websites. Its not the real estate agent’s fault, its our fault as developers for not providing a quality product… until now with H&H Real Estate Media, Inc..

Justin is dedicated to his work and often works too much to enjoy the beautiful weather that San Diego has to offer. When he does have a chance to get out, he’ll go hiking, play basketball, watch the sunset, chill with his friends, and just try to take it all in and enjoy the blessing of life.

Nick Reis Headshot H&H Real Estate Media, Inc.Nick Reis – COO / Co-Founder
Nick is the man when it comes to marketing. He has a passion for people, especially Realtors. His motto is “it is all about the Agents!” Nick is a hard worker and truly cares about his job and the impact he has on Realtors.

Nick is originally from the Northwest. He moved to San Diego in 2004 in hopes of living the California dream. San Diego is where his passion for Real Estate and Marketing started. Nick has been in this industry for 8 years and has worked as a Senior Sales Manager for two of the largest Real Estate Website companies in the market.

Nick is a big family man and in his spare time you will find him spending time with his wife Elyse and daughter Kinley. Nick is very active in his community and loves to golf as much as he can. Nick is also a big sports fan. Two of his favorite teams are the Seattle Seahawks and the San Diego Chargers.

Nick knows that Realtors need his help. They not only need a company they can count on, but they also need to be inspired and educated. Nick takes this to heart and truly leads by example.