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Market Boost & Current Market Conditions

It’s been about 30 days now since we have launch our new website feature called MarketBoost! It’s NOT drip marketing, It’s BETTER! With MarketBoost in place, it helps you nurture your prospective and existing clients in a automated fashion until they are ready to engage in a face-to-face conversation! In this video, I talk just about how to use MarketBoost and the importance behind it.

You can also use this to market with in Facebook to not only generate new buyer leads but seller leads as well. For more information and or a marketing appointment on how to use MarketBoost, please give us a call at 866-611-0428 or email support at [email protected] Please keep in mind, this is an additional add on. It also comes with the interactive map and polygon search. If you interested in upgrading contact us today!


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Saved searches with slight variations, will that hinder you or help you?

This is a question that’s been coming up a lot lately. It’s really nice to hear, because that means Agents are starting to think outside the box. In this video I answer that question for you. Please take a look and shoot us an email if you have any questions or need help with anything. Also if there is something you would like to learn, shoot an email with your questions to [email protected].

Have a wonderful day!

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Optimizing Your Site For Long Tail Key Phrases

Learn how to create saved searches and integrate them into your site. This will give you the upper hand when it comes to placement with in the search engines.

Long tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are selling. You see, whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy. In virtually every case, such very specific searches are far more likely to convert to sales than general generic searches that tend to be geared more toward the type of research that consumers typically do prior to making a buying decision.

Highly specific multi-word phrases tend to be far easier to rank well for than the more generic single keyword or double keyword phrases.


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Text Message Lead Notifications from your Website are Here!

Email and Text Message Notifications!

Yes it is free with ALL OF OUR IDX PACKAGES! You’ll be upgraded immediately. All you have to do is let us know if you would like to opt in and we’ll set it up for you. You can now receive text notifications when leads take the following actions on your site:

  • Listing “More Info” request
  • Contact request
  • Showing request
  • Valuation request

When enabled, these text messages are sent in addition to the email notifications that we already send to you for these events.

Follow Up Easily With Your Leads

Each text message you receive includes a link to your lead management system. Here you can access all of that lead’s activity since their first visit to your website!

How to Enable Text Message Notifications

* You can simply respond to this email and let us know you want them started! OR you can do it yourself:

  • Log into your Control Panel
  • Go to SETUP > Alert & Email Settings > Basic Settings
  • Enter your mobile phone number in the Main Company Mobile Number field. Use the number of the phone on which you would like to receive text messages.
  • Select “Yes” next to “Receive lead notifications via text message?”
  • Save your changes

We’re always here to help!

Please let us know if you ever need with the setup of this function or anything else at all. We’re here to support you and find a way to make you successful! Contact us for more information any time 🙂
[email protected]
(866) 611-0428

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H&H Real Estate Media Websites for Real Estate Agents

How To's

How To Setup Your Website’s MLS IDX

This IDX operation guide will help you setup your website IDX how you want it and introduce you to key features you’ll want to be familiar with. We only use the best IDX in the world and the one that will give you the best results on all search engines, iHomeFinder. This guide was produced directly from iHomeFinder just for you! Enjoy!

Select a Topic to Setup your Website

Your IDX Control Panel IDX Page Links
Property Search Widgets Lead Capture & Email Alerts
Saved Search Pages Featured Listings
Account Notifications Site Traffic
Facebook and Mobile IDX Broker Plan Features
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User Polygon Search Is Here

Upgrade to add the Polygon Search to your site today!

polygon search map idx

A new “Draw on Map” polygon search option is available now in Power, Gold and Broker plans. Empower your site visitors to filter listings and sign up for email alerts based on the exact criteria they define.


Upgrade to Power to add Consumer Polygon Search to your site – plus these additional features:

Polygon Saved Search Pages
Draw on a map to define boundaries for saved searches to display on your site.

Interactive Map Search
Show one or more maps full of listings for visitors to explore without having to use search forms.

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Pay-Per-Visit Program and How It Works

There’s been a LOT of hype about this new program we’ve recently released to our clients. Our Pay-Per-Visit Program has been a huge hit and a great success story for many of our clients. We’re really happy that we’re able to provide a program of this magnitude to our clients who deserve it.

  • We handle all the PPC on over 300+ websites for you!
  • We’ve made dozens of landing pages for lead screening
  • Our landing pages send the user to your website
  • We create your own lead generation pop-up on your site
  • User turns into a lead after submitted the pop-up form
  • Your new lead and info is placed in your own lead management backend

The only thing you have to do is sit back, wait the forms to get submitted, and then just do your job as a realtor and follow up with them. At that point, you have a fresh new client just waiting for a good realtor to help them with the most important decision of their life. Be that realtor.

Our Pay Per Visit Program

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IDX Updates and NEW Title Tag Customization, Polygon Searches, Property Types, and Shortcodes

Title Tag and Description Meta Customization

Our IDX now gives the ability for title tag customization! We base all of our products around SEO and this is an important step to make sure you succeed! We also offer you the chance to modify the description meta tags on select pages!

To alter the title tags, navigate to Optima Express > IDX Pages. Expand the options for the page you wish to edit.

You can change the Title Tag on a page by replacing the text in the Title field with your own. We now allow listing- or search-specific variables to be added to the title tags for Property Details and Saved Search Pages. Type “{” to see a list of available options for these fields. Click Save Changes when your edits are complete.

Polygon Saved Searches

Power, Broker and Gold package clients can create Saved Search Pages that show results within an area drawn on a map. This allows you to target specific local areas – whether it’s one block, a coastline, the area around a golf course or an entire region, your Saved Search Page will dynamically pull all results in that exact location meeting your search criteria. Polygon Saved Search Pages are available for all property types in your MLS Board when you search by basic criteria.

HOW TO: Create A Polygon Saved Search

1. Set up your Saved Search Page by accessing the IDX Control Panel > Listings > Saved Search Pages.

2. Click “Add A Saved Search Page” and fill out the required fields. For Type, choose Polygon Search or Advanced Polygon Search (Advanced Polygon Search is available for residential property types only, and is limited to one MLS).

3. Enter any search criteria – property type, price range, beds/baths – as needed.

4. Draw your polygon. You can zoom or drag the map to the location you desire. Begin your polygon by clicking the map, then outline the area you’d like used in your search. Double-click to complete your polygon, or close it by dropping the final point on top of the initial point. Edit the shape by dragging any existing map point, or erase your polygon over and begin again by clicking Start Over.

5. Click Save to save and return to the Saved Search Index, or click Save & Preview to see the results open in a new window.

If your search returns more than 300 results, you’ll receive a warning as you save, letting you know more results are included than can be displayed. You can edit your polygon or search criteria, or save anyway. Searches with more than 1000 results will show a message instructing you to narrow your search before it can be saved.

HOW TO: Display Featured and Supplemental Listings by Property Type

Agents and Brokers who represent Rental, Commercial and other non-residential properties often want to display those properties on dedicated pages. This is now possible as we continue to improve our services for you!

1. If the properties to be displayed have been entered as Supplementals, please be sure that within the Control Panel > Setup > Listing Settings > Featured Listings, “Show Supplemental Properties on Featured Listings Page” is set to “On.”

2. Create a new page or post in WordPress. Using the shortcode selector, opt to add a Listing Gallery and choose “Featured Listings” from the dropdown menu. Select the property type you wish to include and configure the gallery as desired. The shortcode added to your page will look something like this (example is for Commercial listings):
[optima_express_featured sortBy=”pd” propertyType=”COM” header=”true” includeMap=”false”]

3. The page, when viewed, will include only those Featured & Supplemental listings with the selected property type.

SHORTCODES: Search Page, Valuation Request & Other IDX Page Shortcodes

You can use a shortcode to add the complete content of an IDX page to any WordPress page or post.

At this time, the following IDX pages are available as shortcodes:

Basic Search [optima_express_basic_search]

Advanced Search [optima_express_advanced_search]

Property Organizer Login [optima_express_organizer_login]

Valuation Request [optima_express_valuation_form]

Contact Form [optima_express_contact_form]

Email Alerts [optima_express_email_alerts]

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New Automatic Lead Email Alerts Related to their Searches

mobile friendly email alertsWe’ve been hard at work adding a bunch of new features to Email Alerts which we think you and your clients are going to love! Email Alerts (of quality) are a huge way to stay in touch with your lead database and stay in front of them. We help you do that without lifting a finger! Now you have the ability to have our system automatically send your lead database their individual emails alerts on the areas and criteria they are interested in. This is a huge feature and a great way to really help your clients find the homes they’re looking for, while you take a nap 🙂

  • Mobile-friendly, responsive email alerts
  • Larger photos
  • Sold listings included (where available)
  • Easy, responsive branding with simple logo and photo upload
  • Custom HTML branding option
  • Prominent calls-to-action
  • Save to Favorites” option**


NEW! Results & Featured Page Customization

There are a number of settings that allow you to easily customize the appearance of search results on your website. These settings apply to search results as well as your Featured Listings page, Saved Search Pages and additional listings pages.

To customize your results, navigate to your Control Panel > Setup > Listing Settings > Results & Featured.

List or Grid View

Choose the default for your search & listings pages here. If you select the grid option, results will display in a responsive grid across your site. The maximum number or columns is four, but the grid will adjust to the size given for display — down to one column on mobile devices.

grid search results

list search results

Map Display
Use this setting to show or hide the map on results pages. When you select Grid, the map will be off by default.

Results Per Page
To increase the number of results shown on search results, Featured Listings and Saved Search pages, select from the options available.

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Our Responsive Websites are Ready for “Mobilegeddon”! Is Yours?


Sorry for all the bold caps but this is REALLY IMPORTANT!

If you have a website that is NOT Mobile Friendly, you’re probably going to miss out on ALL RANKINGS IN MOBILE SEARCH RESULTS! That number is around 60% of internet traffic from Google! Your rankings and mobile search visibility may drop significantly. All that hard work you’ve put into making your site being visible on the internet… down the drain.

That’s right, Google has warned us about their algorithm update that will test all sites to makes sure they are Mobile Friendly before showing them on mobile devices. Again, that is 60% OF YOUR TRAFFIC!

A way to check is to open your site on your phone and just see if things move around to be easily visible. If on a desktop, you can resize the screen to look like a skinny mobile device and you can see things move around to be easily visible. Google does it a little differently than just the visibility, they check some other components as well. You can visit Google’s Mobile Friendly Tester and type in your domain name and see Google’s results.



Find out if your website meets Google’s mobile-friendly standards! Schedule a FREE Website Review with our experts today!
Schedule Now!

To put this in perspective, let’s say “Justin Realty” does 1 Million dollars in total sales volume from the web in a year: Let’s assume that the same percentage closes from mobile as from desktop – that means that 60% of their sales would be GONE if they did NOT update to a responsive site… that is $600,000 in sales GONEPOOFKAPUT!

Can you imagine?!

So what can you do? The only thing you can do is UPGRADE! This is not a joke. Take this seriously.

For all of our long time clients from a few years back, just give us a call and we’ll help you in determining if you even need to upgrade. We are way ahead of the curve on this and all of our websites sold to you for the past year have been Mobile Responsive.

For new clients, you need not worry because, again, ALL OF OUR WEBSITES ARE MOBILE RESPONSIVE.

If you want an example of one of our Responsive Websites that will score awesomely with Google, visit:

mobile_friendly_search_results_exampleThe clock is ticking:

Please contact H&H Real Estate Media directly at (866) 611-0428
email us at [email protected]

I look forward to your questions posted below, and we thank you for your business!


Find out if your website meets Google’s mobile-friendly standards! Schedule a FREE Website Review with our experts today!
Schedule Now!

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IDX Website Performance Improvements. Grid View & Email Alert Redesign.


We’re pleased to announce our IDX partner iHomefinder is faster than ever! Performance improvements released this month resulted in noticeably faster load times on responsive Optima Express, Optima IDX and OmniPress pages, including search, results & property details! Couple that with our WordPress platform and H&H is blowing past your expectations at lightning speed! (too cheesy?) 😛

wordpress IDX grid view

This new setting will make it easy to display a site’s results, saved search pages & featured listings in a responsive grid. It is available to all our clients on our responsive WordPress IDX platform!
responsive IDX email alert redesign

In April, we’ll launch our newly redesigned email alerts that feature mobile-friendly design, large photos and alerts on sold listings, where available. These notifications will also feature the ability to save listings directly from the email. All clients with email alerts in their package will be moved to the new alert style at launch.
  • Our IDX is totally INTEGRATED & EMBEDDED
  • Our IDX is NEVER “framed in” or “iframed”
  • We are partnered with the most powerful IDX provider in iHomeFinder
  • We use WordPress double the SEO impact that our IDX gives your website!
  • YES – WordPress powers 23% of the world’s websites
  • YES – We teach you how to use your website and your social media
  • YES – We have a full blown support staff ready to help you any time

Need to do more research? Check out our 5 star rating on Facebook here!

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SEO and Social Media Glossary and Dictionary

As the world wide web evolves and changes and advances, new words are added to the dictionary and new services are available to all of us. The hard part is knowing how to use all these new services and what to do with them. Even more difficult… what do all these new words even mean? We’ve made it easy for you. Get out your SEO flashcards and enjoy!

Thanks to Website Magazine for providing the following…


Aggregator – a Web-based tool or application that gathers and displays content from a variety of sources to an end-user.

Avatar – the primary image associated with a social network member’s account.


Board – a Pinterest feature that allows users to organize the content they have “pinned.”

Bolt – an Instagram offshoot, Bolt is a messaging app that lets users take and send photos to friends.


Check-In – an action that connects a person to a physical location. People can “check in” to locations on social networks like Facebook and Foursquare.

Circles – a Google+ feature that allows users to put people together into specified groups. Through this feature, Google+ users have the ability to share updates with specific groups of people in pre-defined “circles.”

Comment – a public response to a status update or other piece of content.

Community – a feature on Google+ that allows members to create niche groups where people with similar interests can interact. Communities can be made public or kept private.

Connection – people who are part of a LinkedIn user’s personal network. Similar to a Facebook “friend” or a Twitter “follower.”

CrowdPost – a proximity-based iOS social media app that connects users based on their location.


Dashboard – an administrative interface that typically allows users to monitor social network activity as well as take actions like sharing content.

Direct Message (DM) – a private conversation between two users on Twitter.


Engagement – a vague term that describes participation with a brand’s content on social networks. Typically, brands take fan and follower actions such as likes, retweets, shares and comments into consideration when measuring engagement.


Facebook – the world’s largest social network, with 1.23 billion monthly active users.

Facebook Audience Network – a mobile ad network that targets users in other apps using Facebooks demographic information.

Fan – a Facebook user who follows a brand or business Page.

Favorite – an action that represents a user’s approval of a piece of content on Twitter.

Filter – an image customization tool which users can leverage to change the tone and look of their photo.

Flickr – a photo sharing community that allows both amateurs and professionals to post images they have taken and receive comments and even negotiate purchases with those who are interested in the photos.

Follower – someone who has chosen to receive your tweets in their Twitter timeline.

Foursquare – a location-based social network that enables users to discover new locations and check-in, share and save places they have visited.

Friend – a Facebook connection between two people.  Both parties must agree to become “friends” before a connection is made.


Google+ – a social network created by Google where users can share content and connect with other members. Businesses can add photos, contact information and more that will appear in Google’s search engine result pages.

Group – this feature is available on both LinkedIn and Facebook. It enables users to create a niche community where people with similar interests can communicate with each other. Similar to Google+ Communities.


Hangout – a feature available on Google+ that allows a group of people to have conversations and share content with each other. Users also have the ability to start video hangouts with up to 10 friends.

Hashtag – an interactive feature that allows social network users to relate a status update to a broader topic.

Handle – the name a Twitter member chooses to represent themselves. To interact with another Twitter member, users must address them with the @ symbol and the person’s handle, such as @WebsiteMagazine.


Influencer – a brand’s most valuable audience members. Typically, influencers are active in the social community and have the ability to sway the opinions of their followers.

Instagram – an online photo-sharing social network where users can share filtered photos and videos. Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Instagram Direct – a communication method that allows Instagram users to send photos and videos privately to another user.

Instagram Explore – a new tab that helps users discover new content that is relevant to their interests.


Like – an action that social network users can take to show their approval of a status update. In addition, Facebook users can “Like” pages in order to receive the Page’s status updates in their newsfeeds.

LinkedIn – a social network for professionals, users are able to post their job experience and skills, find personal and professional contacts, search for jobs, blog and much more.

LinkedIn Ads – a self-service advertising solution that allows its users to create and place ads on the website.

Lists – a curated group of Twitter users.


Meme – a generally recognized piece of content that typically pokes fun of a person, place or situation. Typically, memes are shared by many people and quickly go viral.

Message – a private communication method between two or more users on Facebook.

Messenger – an app to which Facebook transferred all of its messaging power. Users are able to chat with their friends in a similar manner to text messaging.


Newsfeed – the homepage of a social network that is continuously refreshed with activity updates from a user’s friends or followers.


Page – a Facebook profile for a business or a brand. Facebook users can “like” pages but they cannot be friends with pages.

Pinterest – a pinboard-style social network where users can share content and create theme-based collections.

Pin – a piece of content shared by Pinterest users.

Poke – a Facebook action that allows one user to interact with another user through a virtual “poke.”

Profile – the Web page of a social network user that displays any content that the user has shared.

Promoted Content – a way to increase the reach of a profile or a specific piece of content on social networks. Promoted content is paid for and thus an advertisement.


Reddit – the so-called “front page of the Internet” has hundreds of subpages (called subreddits) for various topics from Space Jam to Astronomy and Politics where users can submit posts and comments to drive discussion.

Retweet – an action that allows users to share another user’s content on Twitter.

Rich Pin – pins that feature extra content, such as a map, product pricing, recipe details and more. There are multiple types of Rich Pins, including Place Pins, Article Pins, Product Pins, Recipe Pins and Movie Pins.


Sentiment – the implied attitude behind user comments. Social media monitoring tools can help brands measure sentiment in order to gauge the overall perception of a company or specific marketing promotions.

Share – an action that allows someone to publish content from another source. The content is  “shared” to that user’s personal social network.

Snapchat – a photo messaging mobile app that allows user to take photos or record videos and send them to selected friends. Each piece of content sent has a time limit (1-10 seconds) for viewing. After the content has been viewed it is not able to be seen again unless it is part of a Snapchat Story.

Snapcash – Snapchat users are able to send and receive money from Snapchat friends after entering their debit card information.

Snapchat Ads – Snapchat introduced its first ad in Oct. 2014. Users are able to view ads in the Stories section of the app.

Snapchat Chat – Chat enables users to have a private conversation with friends via text, snaps and previously saved videos and images.

Snapchat Discover – a storytelling feature where users are able to find Stories from a variety of sources including CNN, Comedy Central and Food Network.

Snapchat Story – Snapchat users can put content into a “story” for 24-hour viewing. Typically, stories are made up of a string of content that creates a narrative.

Social Listening – a tool that enables users to monitor and measure what is being said about a brand on social networks.

Social Login – a sign-in form which allows users to leverage their social media credentials on a third-party website instead of having to create separate login credentials.

Status Update – a piece of content shared by a social network member.

StumbleUpon – a social discovery engine that helps users discover new and unique things from across the Web through recommendations.

Subreddit – a community subpage on reddit like r/pics and r/tech that discuss relevant topics to the community.

Swarm – a social meetup app spawned from parent Foursquare that lets users check in wherever they are.

Syndicated Promoted Tweet – a promoted Tweet that can be seen off of Twitter.


Timeline – Facebook’s newest profile layout that display’s a user’s collection of shared content.

Trending Topic – the most popular topics currently being discussed on a social network.

Tumblr – a microblogging platform owned by Yahoo. Currently, Tumblr has more than 172 million blogs on its platform.

Tweet – a Twitter status update.

Twitter – a popular social network that allows users to post 140-character status updates.

Twitter Discover – the Discover tab enables users to find new hashtags which may be of interest to them.


URL Shortener – a tool that converts a long URL into a shortened version that is easier to share, especially on social networks.


Vine – a mobile app owned by Twitter that allows users to share short videos that play in a continuous loop.

Viral – a piece of content that is rapidly and organically shared.


WhatsApp – acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp is a mobile messaging app.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing – an unpaid form of promotion by a customer on behalf of a brand.


YouTube – a video-sharing platform owned by Google.

YouTube Kids – specifically designed for kids, YouTube Kids has a variety of videos for kids to learn from and parental control settings to make sure kids watch only age appropriate videos.

See More At:

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H&H Visits WordCamp San Diego to Help Enhance Your Real Estate Website!


As a leader in Real Estate Website development, it is important that we stay on top of the up-and-coming trends in web development and, of course, WordPress. As you may have notice, we build all of our websites with WordPress, because, well… it’s the best. More than 23% of the websites you visit throughout the world today are using the WordPress platform!

So I bet you could guess we were extremely excited to have the chance at attended the San Diego WordCamp this past weekend! Tickets for this event sold out in just 4 hours! Not only was it a great time, and a great way to pick the brains of the brilliant, but it was double the size of their last conference here in San Diego. We learned a lot and the old “brain juices” were given a kickstart. With that, motivation reached an all time high as we’ve already incorporated what we learned into your WordPress website this week! We just couldn’t wait to get our fingertips on the keyboard!

Below are just a few highlights from this past weekend and how WordPress plans to break the mold. This might give you some insight into what the event was really like. Forgive me if this sounds a little to “nerdy”… because it totally is… and yes, we love it.


1) WordPress, as a platform, currently has Zero Security Flaws… Zip… Zilch!

2) The new Heartbeat API is awesome and automatically runs in the background every 15 seconds to make sure your site is running how it is supposed to.

3) The new WordPress API is also awesome and evolving every day to become a powerful tool for developers.

4) The upcoming WordPress version 4.2 will have total emoji support, for all you emoji texting lovers.

5) WordPress can now automatically update itself as well as all plugins! We have already integrated this function to make sure you’re all updated with the latest and greatest functionality. This also makes sure all your plugins are secure and the most functional.

This is just the tip of the iceberg people! I left all the really nerdy stuff out. Just know that we’re here to help you rise above the rest! We’re always learning as the world wide web morphs into the most powerful thing on earth. We want to make sure our services, and the people who provide them to you, are at the most up-to-date level of technology as possible. Remember, if you succeed, we succeed!

If you’d like to find out more about where we were this weekend you can always visit

Two weeks from now, they usually post videos of their seminars here at Hopefully we were successful at video bombing a few of these 😉 Cheers!


How To's

How To: Customize Your IDX Search Form Locations

Customize your IDX hotsheets and saved searches searches by adding geographic criteria such as School District, Neighborhood or Subdivision (where available in your MLS) to your search forms and let your prospects and clients EASILY search for homes and condos in targeted areas.

search location customization

How it works
Keep in mind, you can always call us and we’ll help you step-by-step through any of these tasks. We’re here to help!

In your IDX Control Panel, select the fields you’d like to include from your board’s available Geographic Search Criteria. You can also customize the default text for the Location field to show what location types are available – for example, if you’ve added a Neighborhood, change the default text to “Enter city, zip code or neighborhood”.

When a site visitor types in a location for a house or condo search on either the Basic or Quick Search form, autosuggest will include all options from the field you selected.

Keep in mind, you can always call us and we’ll help you step-by-step through any of these tasks. We’re here to help!

1) In your IDX Control Panel, go to Setup, then Search Settings, then Location Customization

2) Select the areas you’d like added to your Location field’s autosuggest from the available geographic fields. These vary from board to board, and the quality of the data can vary as well. You can preview the entries in each field.Customization in Control Panel

3) When data from a selected field appears in autosuggest, the field type will be included in parentheses for clarity. For example, a school district entry would appear as “Springfield (School District)” to differentiate this entry from the city of Springfield. If you wish to change the display name for a field you’ve selected, please enter it in the Display Name field. Make this field empty if you’d prefer to not display the field type.

4) Save changes.

5) Add the new location types to the default text to let your site visitors know what criteria are available to search and save changes.

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Real Estate Marketing Must Do’s

Low Cost Real Estate Web DesignWe have proven marketing strategies that WILL help you gather leads and help you get your name out in the open for more people to see than you could have imagined!

Lead capture has an art attached to it and its something we pride ourselves on. Use our floating lead capture form included in the Premium package to catch the highest percentage of users possible.

Guide to Online Real Estate Marketing

Want to know more about how to maximize your online business? Here are the facts in a nutshell.


All good relationships start with start with attraction – however sometimes you have to go the extra mile to get people to recognize what you have to offer. You’ve built a great website with great tools. Now you’ve got to drive visitors to your business. There are numerous ways to do this, including SEO, PPC, PPL, and Syndication.


Now that you have the eyeballs, make sure you’re giving them what they came for – Listings! Provide a beautiful website with easy to use navigation. Offer the best in IDX tools and technology. Showcase your expertise and unique qualifications. Highlight neighborhoods or properties that you think offer exceptional value. A compelling website with high-quality listing information is key to keeping your pipeline full and flowing. Visitors will keep coming back until they are ready to take the next step and connect with you directly.


When you deliver a top-notch service to people who value that offering, you have the power to translate leads into business. Make it easy – or even required – for visitors to your site to register and provide you with contact information. Equip your website with tools that offer the best in lead capture forms, tools, and links so that interested consumers never have to work hard to reach out and contact you.


Now that you’ve captured leads, further cultivate that relationship by continually delivering quality services and exposing them to your name and brand. Get all your leads signed up for Email Updates so that the system does the work for you and reminds that lead of you and your services every day. Monitor your leads and their activity to see what your leads are really looking for in a property and evaluate who’s ready to make a move. By tracking and anticipating the needs of your leads, you know when the time is right to step in and turn that lead into a closed deal.

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Ouch! My SEO Hurts! Domain Masking, Domain Forwarding, and Duplicate Content

Domain Masking:
There are a few ways that you can make your website live for everyone on Earth to see. But some, and even your friendly, most popular providers (without naming names) are doing it totally wrong (and we’ll go over why)… Let me preface that we are green in every way possible…


change your domain’s A Record to an IP Address of a server that is hosting your domain’s files (DIRECT CONNECTION)


change the value of your domain’s nameservers to the unique nameservers of a DNS manager that then points your A Record to an IP Address of a server that is hosting your domain’s files (DIRECT CONNECTION)


forwarding/pointing your domain to another URL holding content that looks like it should be hosted on your domain… but its NOT! dun dun duuuuuuuun!!!! You could also refer to this as Duplicate Content! Google will now mostly index the URL that your domain is pointing to instead of your own domain. Now sometimes Google will index both BUT because there are now TWO of your sites, you still won’t receive as good of a ranking because now Google sees the duplicate content that… OUCH! HURTS YOUR SEO!


When Network Solutions forwards your domain name with masking, the Web site is placed inside a frame. If the Web site you are forwarding to has Frame Busting built in, it will break the Network Solutions frame and the masking will not work.

Don’t believe us? Click here for the full Network Solutions article and the proof…

Domain mirroring/masking is sometimes called a pointer domain. It looks like it is the domain name when it is used in a browser, but it is simply a mask overlaying the real domain name and its content. When someone types in, it’s really forwarding to without the address changing in the address bar. The user continues to see in the address bar, although the site and its contents are really from

Domain cloaking uses an iframe or embedded frameset to display the content of another site.

When a company acquires additional domain names, they should be permanently redirected to the main domain name—the one, central location on the Web for all of the company’s or brand’s content.

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Another bigger issue that I should have considered is how “masking” affects my ranking by the search engines. How well my site ranks in the search engines determines whether or not it will be returned in the results page of an Internet search and even if it will be returned at all. If my sites don’t rank well, I’ll get fewer visitors “organically”.

After some research, I realized that masking my redirected domain name creates the perception of duplicate content. Search engines like Google hate duplicate content.

By masking one of my domain names, Google and the other search engines saw the two different addresses, and as two different sites with identical content. If I had left it that way, the search engines could simply pick just one of my two domain names to index – which would result in my losing the traffic to the other domain name in my rankings. They could also penalize me in other ways.

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And finally, a great explanation from Godaddy!

Domain name forwarding lets you automatically direct your domain name’s visitors to a different website.

Masking prevents visitors from seeing your domain name forwarding by keeping your domain name in the Web browser’s address bar.

Let’s look at this example of how you can configure forwarding.


To forward or mask your domain name, you must use our nameservers. For more information, see Setting Nameservers for Your Domain Names.

For your domain name to forward, its A record must be pointed to

If you want your visitors to be able to go to your domain name with or without the www prefix, you need to forward your domain name to use www.

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iFrames: We Don’t Use Them, Neither Should You

As a Real Estate Agent, you NEED to be found easily by Google and everyone “Googling” for a local Real Estate Agent. One way we go about doing this is making sure your IDX is integrated the best way possible AND making sure iframes are never part of your website code structure. We follow the guidelines brought about by the #1 website platform in the world, WordPress. WordPress currently powers 23% of the entire internet. Do your research if you’d like…

Also feel free to do some research on iframes and framing here:

We’re very SEO conscious here at H&H. We don’t use iframes in anything we develop for you and we’d never recommend them either but some other companies do and sometimes, just sometimes, there those unique reasons you need them. For a Realtor® site, there’s no real need. To help better understand…

“It’s not going to hurt your site to have all those iframes but the content within the iframes will not help you in any way, either. If you have plenty of good content on those pages in addition to what’s in the the iframes, it’s a positive for you. However, you’re out of luck if you are counting on the content in those frames to help you in any way.”
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H&H Recognized for Excellence in Web Design

I love “feel good stories”…

We’ve always felt our web design skills were top notch, now that feeling has been validated! We work really hard here at H&H to make sure that our Real Estate Agent Websites are the best mobile responsive sites they can be. On top of that, we really, truly care about you and how your business does. We feel good when we see your website perform at a high level. But we feel even better when you truly benefit from our hard work and web designs.

Getting recognized and mentioned as one of San Diego’s top 25 Web Shops and Agencies, well, makes us feel all giddy inside. We invite you to take a look at all the other professionals that we are happy to be mentioned with. It is a blessing and we are truly blessed to have some great people in our H&H family. Sky’s the limit!


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25 Agencies & Web Shops in San Diego Doing Great Web Design Work


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How To's

How To: Using Your IDX To Close Business

Grow Business

Why nurture leads? Marketing to acquired leads is smart!

Forrester Consulting found the following consistencies in companies that nurture leads:

  • They generate 50% more leads at a lower cost per lead
  • They reduce the percentage of ignored leads
  • They raise close rates on leads by 7%
  • They increase agent take home pay – and with a shorter ramp for new agents

How to nurture your leads

Let’s start by looking at a typical lead funnel. The top of funnel activity includes activity such as paid search campaigns (i.e. AdWords, Bing), publisher ads, reciprocal links, SEO/organic traffic, and manually entered leads acquired from events such as open houses.

Lead Funnel

The nurture stage is where your activity makes all the difference. The following key features in your IDX account help with the nurture stage:

  • Property Organizer – Once signed up, leads can save their favorite listings and searches on your site.
  • Email Alerts – Automated emails with your branding send the latest new or changed listings to your leads.
  • Site activity reports – View summary reports of lead activity on your site.
  • Lead activity reports – View searches conducted and properties viewed by your each of your leads.

Response Time Is Important

Lead Response Time

Inaction and Its Consequences

Here are some of the consequences of not taking the appropriate action when prospects register on your site:

You didn’t follow up when the lead registered on your site.
You’ll lose the lead! Reports suggest that 50% of online leads never receive a response.
You weren’t the first agent to follow up.
You’ll likely lose the lead. Nearly 80% of the business goes to the first agent who responds.
You forgot to place a follow up call.
You may lose the lead. It takes 6-8 calls/personalized emails before buyers/sellers are ready for a transaction.
You didn’t send drip email updates.
You may lose the lead. Some 30% of “non-yes” calls will agree to drip emails. Of these, 1/6th will turn into clients.

In Closing

It takes multiple interactions with leads to convert them into buyer or seller clients. Your IDX system not only helps you acquire leads, but can also help you nurture those leads and grow your business!