Indexable IDX For SEO

All H&H WpordPress website accounts have an indexable IDX solution, allowing search engines to discover and index IDX listings on your domain: We thought we’d share some tips on how your account with indexable IDX listings can best contribute to your larger SEO strategy, bringing you more organic search engine traffic and potential leads. This is the first of three posts...

by H&H Real Estate Media

WordPress is the Future! 21 Iconic Brands Using WordPress Right Now!

Whoever said Wordpress is outdated and old is, how do I say this nicely... misinformed. Do a quick search on Wordpress and you'll see there are literally thousands of developers, like ourselves, working on little bits and pieces of Wordpress right now as we speak! Wordpess is open source, which means anyone that wants to help improve the already #1...

by H&H Real Estate Media

Responsive Website and IDX, Open House Search, Embedding Basic Search

Responsive Beta We're pleased to announce that the mobile responsive version of our new theme, Jeannine, complete with responsive IDX is now available! This version has fully responsive IDX for WordPress. When paired with a responsive theme, your IDX pages display on any screen. Features This new version includes responsive pages, large and retina-quality photos where available, an improved user experience, button color selection, a...

by H&H Real Estate Media

Mobile Responsive Real Estate Agent Websites!

Several Reasons Why Responsive sites are the Best Option For Your Mobile SEO Strategy! As smartphone and tablet adoption rapidly increases, so does the importance of mobile-friendly websites. If SEO is a core component of our digital marketing strategy, so therefore having a mobile–friendly website is becoming essential. Mobile sales have already overtaken desktop sales, and mobile Internet usage is predicted to overtake...

by H&H Real Estate Media

Guide for Clients: Adding Leads Into Your IDX Control Panel

Occasionally, your going to  acquire new leads outside of your website and IDX. These leads may be generated by a referral, social event or lead generation campaign. It's easy for you to manually add new leads to your account so you can nurture them and ensure they receive notifications about new listings. To help you learn more about your leads' interests, mobile-friendly...

by H&H Real Estate Media

Does H&H Utilize HTML5 and Responsive Design?

Today we received this email from a client asking some very questions on how our websites work, HTML5, and Responsive Design. We like to help our clients better understand what we actually do here and how we do it... Hi, Does our website utilize HTML5 and Responsive Design..... Was reading some tek articles suggesting to get more traffic to your...

by H&H Real Estate Media

New Site Activity Report & Large Photo Setting & More…

H&H IDX accounts can now send automated email reports with information about your site's activity! Emails are sent daily by default as long as there is new data to show. You will find options at the bottom of each email to change their delivery preference to weekly or monthly, or they can unsubscribe if they don't wish to receive these emails. You...

by H&H Real Estate Media

Tec Tip: Mobile Control Panel

Mobile Control Panel Since your on the move, we wanted to make it easier for you to access your leads on the go and to view activity on your website, no matter where you are. All you have to do is login to your account Control Panel on a smartphone and see what's new! Remember to bookmark your Control Panel so leads are just...

by H&H Real Estate Media

Recent Alerts and Thank-Yous from your H&H Family!

As we approach the last quarter of the year, we wanted to thank you for your loyalty and your business! We also wanted to reiterate how important communication is and make sure that you know our phones are always open to you as well as email, as it is checked periodically even through the nights and weekends. We want you...

by H&H Real Estate Media

List Of Web Safe Fonts For Your Website

All of our themes come with either the normal web safe fonts you see in every day life on websites or sometimes we even add some premium fonts that you may see from time to time. We use certain fonts with particular themes because our team of theme designers have carefully selected that font to work and coincide directly with...

by H&H Real Estate Media

New Year, New Mobile!

New Release: Mobile Website Upgrade The latest product release, a mobile website upgrade, will be taking place in phases. Over the next several weeks, your mobile websites will be automatically upgraded to the new, improved mobile site. There is no action required by current clients to upgrade to this new version. What's Included in the Mobile Upgrade New Design ...

by H&H Real Estate Media

Tech Tip: Lead Management

After the IDX tools are configured and integrated into your site, they will begin to capture leads. The tools described in this section are some of the tools available in your Control Panel that allow you to manage these leads. If you are wanting to know the differences in how our system works with leads and subscribers, click here. Types of Leads 1. Subscribers All...

by H&H Real Estate Media

Tech Tip: Property Management

In this section, all the active listings that you are representing for sale are considered to beFeatured Properties. This is an important point since you may be accustomed to using the term “featured” to refer to a specific subset of your active listings.  14468

by H&H Real Estate Media

Can I Pinterest You in Some Business Tips?

These days, “pins” aren’t just restricted to the sewing kit or when complimenting someone’s legs; they've made it into the digital world as well. Pinterest is an online community that aims to bring people together based on mutual interests, through the ability to pin and repin images and ideas to your personal digital pinboard. From Home decorating to finding unique recipes, Pinterest is rapidly...

by H&H Real Estate Media

Tech Tip: Manage Your Sold & Pending Listings

If you have an active listing that changes to a status other than active, we keep the listing in your account for up to 120 days with an "Unknown" status and then it is removed from your account. If you change the status of the listing from Unknown to Sold or Pending, the listing will remain in your account forever,...

by H&H Real Estate Media

Tech Tip: Manage Your Own Open House Listings

Use the steps below to enhance your own Open Homes listings with additional remarks, driving directions, photos, property reports, virtual tours, and more. If you are in an MLS that does not include Open Homes in their IDX, you can enter Open House information for your own listings and they will be included in Open Homes search results on your...

by H&H Real Estate Media

NEW! Embedded Facebook IDX for Just $14.95/mo!

Property Search & Featured Listings for Facebook Pages No website? No problem. Add MLS search & lead capture tabs to your Facebook Business Page and visitors can view your listings, search the MLS and contact you – all from within Facebook. Your listings are added to your Featured Listings tab automatically, and each property details page includes large photos*, Google Maps...

by H&H Real Estate Media

Real Estate Websites. High Powered SEO. Social Media. IDX. And Much More For Less!

Every Realtor and Broker NEEDS A GREAT WEB PRESENCE! That's what we offer. Other website providers that you've talked to you have old templates that don't adhere to current SEO practices. They don't look good in google searches. They don't include social media links and they don't even care about your social media profiles, because that's off page SEO and...

by H&H Real Estate Media

Blogs, Should I Or Should I Not? The Do’s & Dont’s

I have been asked this so many times by so many people. Blogging, why? Why is it so important that we Blog? How is this going to take our business to the next level? Are buyers or sellers really going to read this or is this a waste of time? There are so many different theories out there when it...

by H&H Real Estate Media

How To: Use Facebook Timeline For Brand Pages

What does the launch of Facebook Timeline for Pages mean for your brand? Unprecedented control, an opportunity to boost engagement, but also lots of initial work. A host of new features became available this morning when Facebook gave all Pages around the globe the option to upgrade to the Timeline redesign. Here’s how they work, and how to use them to benefit your business. Activating...

by H&H Real Estate Media
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