How Do I Prepare For Changes To Email When Switching My Domain To Your Servers?

Introduction All email sent to mailboxes at your domain (e.g. [email protected], is routed to the mail server for that domain. Usually this is the same server that hosts your website, although sometimes clients have dedicated third party mail servers (e.g. a local Microsoft Exchange Mail Server). So when an email is sent to [email protected], the internet routing tables look up...

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In A Recent Email Regarding Transferring A Domain To Our Registrar

We are trying to transfer your domain to our domain services at  There are a couple ways to do this. OPTION #1 The easiest is to call up your current domain registrar and ask them to point your domain's "A Record" settings to your new hosting IP at "".  This way you can keep your current registrar and keep paying them...

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Lead Forwarding from iHomefinder to Top Producer 8i

Revised 7/29/2011 To configure lead forwarding to Top Producer: (keep in mind that we use the iHome Finder IDX software for your IDX and Property Searches) [O_U user_role="Administrator"]H&H ADMIN ONLY 1. Configure iHomefinder account settings in the iHomefinder reseller administrator.    The lead forwarding settings are on the client Options page and are labeled "Forward Leads to an External Program" and "Lead Destination URL”.     a. Select...

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Facebook Removing App Profile Pages on Feb 1, 2012

On Friday, Dec 9, 2011, Facebook announced that as of February 1, 2012 they are removing App Profile Pages, to be replaced by a much easier method of adding apps to pages. Today, we are announcing that we will remove all App Profile Pages on February 1st, 2012. Though similar in appearance, the automatically generated App Profile Pages differ in features...

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Support Help

Call us for any support help and questions at 619-630-9321

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Real Estate Websites. High Powered SEO. Hosting. Packages Starting at $39.95!

Every Realtor and Broker NEEDS A GREAT WEB PRESENCE! That's what we're giving you with our services. Other website providers that you've talked to you have old templates that don't adhere to current SEO practices. They don't look good in google searches. They don't include social media links and they don't even care about your social media profiles. because that's...

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Low Cost Websites For Agents

Every Realtor and Broker NEEDS A GREAT WEB PRESENCE! New custom Wordpress themes created to boost SEO and Social Media integration and engagement with your potential clients.

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Websites with Professional SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a tough thing to get right... unless you know the right people. H&H has specialized in SEO for years now and continues to write the "How-To Manual". We start your website off with the most needed SEO practices and then continue to work on each page until we are satisfied with the results. If you want...

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Social Media Yields High Returns

With our heavily saturated social media packages and perks, the only thing you're going to have to worry about is being "liked" too much.

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Top Marketing Strategists

Our professional marketing staff will be there all the way to help you succeed using the marketing tool our packages offer you. Not only that, but we'll be happy to help you with all your social media and teach you how to use these free tools to jump-start your business and increase your client base quickly.

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What Does the Google +1 Button Mean for SEO?

Google is the internet giant, holding more than 75% of the search engine market share. Google also commands a large percentage of the online advertising industryl, generating revenues in the region of $35 billion per annum. In May, Google released a new beta version of their new social network to approximately 10 Million users. Google Plus, similar to Facebook, allows users...

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Hope G.

Riverside, CA

H&H has ALWAYS gone above and beyond for me with my Real Estate website needs! They are putting the finishing touches on my custom site, and I could not be happier! In fact I am over the moon excited. Thru every step of my custom site design, they quickly responded to questions and tweeks. Thank you so much for my AWESOME website!!!

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H&H is the most responsive web site company I have found in the affordable price range. I asked them to do something they had never added to a blog and they figured it out and it now works fantastic. They made changes I requested in a timely manor and my site got rave reviews.

Jodie H.

Missoula, MT

I have had my business website with H&H for nearly a year now and I am very happy with the website as well as the dedication to service the company provides, outstanding!! Thank you H&H!

Jan C.

Macomb, MI

Just wanted to thank you for making my website look great!!! You had it up and running in a week! I am also impressed with the personalized service from you too. Nick is very helpful and informative. He has gone above and beyond in customer service!!! Thanks again!

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