How To's

How To: Creating the Top Picks / Hot Sheet in the Control Panel

Step 1:

In order to add your Top Picks / Hot Sheets page to WordPress, you will need to build one in the IDX Control Panel. Once you are logged into your control panel, navigate to Listings > Hot Sheets.




On your Top Picks / Hot Sheets page, click on Create a New Hot Sheet and go through the 5 steps of the builder until you click on Finished, Exit.




In the Manage Hot Sheets tab, find the Top Pick / Hot Sheet page you just created and right click Show. select Copy link address, you will use this link in your WordPress menu.




Step 2: Creating Menu Links

Login to your WordPress Dashboard. From here Navigate to Appearance > Menus. If you have not already created a menu you will want to do so. Enter in a title under Menu Name and click Create Menu.




Paste the link which you copied at the end of step 1 into the Custom Links section. Give the link a label and click Add to Menu.




In the Theme Locations field, ensure the menu name which you created is selected in the drop down and click Save. To finilize these changes you will need to click on Save Menu found on the right side of the page.