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July Responsive Real Estate IDX Theme

July is hot and so is this theme! Get it while it’s hot! We made the navigation sticky on the top and a little obtrusive on the eye so you can see more of the big home page hero slider images. Smooth scrolling and click the down arrow to the next headline. Easily call or contact us to upgrade to this fresh new theme!

June Responsive Real Estate IDX Theme

June is a beautiful time of year so why not have a fresh and elegant theme to go with all the blooming flowers and nice weather. This new header is easy on the eyes and sticks to the top so it can always be referred to by your users complete with your contact info. New featured listings sliders are featured as well as a brand new community gallery look and feel. Contact us for a fresh new look!

The Original Themes

May Responsive Real Estate IDX Theme

Cinco de Mayo is one of our favorite days of the year! Celebrate with our lovely neighbors and enjoy this new Theme. We’ve added a little more of a rounded design with our circled home page links. We’ve added more customization so you now have even more control over anything you see on the website. Change your look, feel, and colors on the fly!

April Responsive Real Estate IDX Theme

The flowers are blooming, the butterflies are flying, the birds are chirping. It’s Spring! What a fresh new look for the new year! This fresh new theme is one of our smoothest ones yet. The subtle fading actions and soothing animations will make you feel like you’re sipping a cup of coffee in the morning sun on your front patio.

March Responsive Real Estate IDX Theme

March Madness tends to make people crazy! Well, we went crazy with this one and decided to try out the image gallery theme. March gives you the ability to add many, many, many… uhhhh many images to your site in a grid…

February Responsive Real Estate IDX Theme

This theme is more contained as it allows you to structure your site with a fixed width. It comes with an image slider located at the top and you can put up to two agents on your site with different contact information…

January Responsive Real Estate IDX Theme

If BIG, FULL WIDTH PICTURES is your thing, then look no further! We’ve used some newer technology that allows you to scroll down and have different images as your backend for different modules as you scroll…

Hope Responsive Real Estate IDX Theme

We kind of stumbled upon this one as the new Google Mobile Responsive algorithm update is upon us. Just like our other responsive themes you’ve enjoyed, this theme is also totally mobile responsive…
Please visit our fundraising page and donate if you can. Any amount helps! Thank you!

December Responsive Real Estate IDX Theme

Our first installment of our Calendar Month Themes, the December features rich new HTML5 and CSS3 animations, sprinkled with Bootstrap. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to know what that mean, we DO expect…

Jeannine Responsive Real Estate IDX Theme

Dedicated to our CEO’s (Justin Hancy) grandmother, the new responsive aspect to our theme brings our development into a whole new world and a whole new step above the competition! This theme adjusts itself to look stunning…

Sonia Responsive Real Estate IDX Theme

Named after a couple of our most dedicated clients and mashed together to create a similar theme to our Sydney theme but with some minor adjustments that just gives you a little more room to add even more hotsheets and save searches! Above your eye-popping full width image slider is a beautiful flat navigation bar, all customizable by yourself with just a few clicks! Don’t forget, we’re keeping the responsive aspect with this one too so you can easily show your readers just how much you care about their “on-the-run” life. Contact us to get the latest link to a demo with this look.

Sydney Responsive Real Estate IDX Theme

Dedicated to our COO’s (Nick Reis) daughter, the newest responsively designed theme brings a sense of “BIG IS BETTER” to your reader. Featuring a full width image slider to capture your reader’s eye on any desktop or mobile device. A whole new set of theme options for you to take control of your website is installed in the backend of your WordPress website. New with this theme are the map based polygon saved searches which allows you to create hotsheets for any area! Contact us for the latest link to view this theme.

Kinley Real Estate IDX Theme (discontinued)

Dedicated to our COO’s (Nick Reis) daughter, the new vertical image slider theme published in July 2013 is the newest thing on the market! With our new slider plugin you can easily drag and drop your new order of your image slider, delete, and add new slides. Our backgrounds are crisp and unique with 20 different color schemes.

Betty Real Estate IDX Theme (discontinued)

Dedicated to our CEO’s (Justin Hancy) grandmother, this theme published in January 2013 is our latest and cleanest design yet. This theme includes the ability to upload an image to use in the background for any and all of the theme colors. Our image slider also is equipped with our first ever independent quick search to allow people to easily search for properties through your website.

Jann Real Estate IDX Theme (discontinued)

Dedicated to our COO’s (Nick Reis) mother, this Jann theme has a lot of avenues to information with the extra links next to the image slider for ease of navigation. The color are exuberant and really catch the user’s eye and keeps them on the page for an extended period of time for easy leads.

Susan Real Estate IDX Theme (discontinued)

Dedicated to our CEO’s (Justin Hancy) mother, this Susan theme is strong and gives you everything you need to succeed. With Facebook as one of the very first aspects you see, its great for big Facebook Business users and social media heavy agents.

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I have had my business website with H&H for nearly a year now and I am very happy with the website as well as the dedication to service the company provides, outstanding!! Thank you H&H!

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Just wanted to thank you for making my website look great!!! You had it up and running in a week! I am also impressed with the personalized service from you too. Nick is very helpful and informative. He has gone above and beyond in customer service!!! Thanks again!

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