How To Setup Your Website’s MLS IDX

This IDX operation guide will help you setup your website IDX how you want it and introduce you to key features you'll want to be familiar with. We only use the best IDX in the world and the one that will give you the best results on all search engines, iHomeFinder. This guide was produced directly from iHomeFinder just for...

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Pay-Per-Visit Program and How It Works

There's been a LOT of hype about this new program we've recently released to our clients. Our Pay-Per-Visit Program has been a huge hit and a great success story for many of our clients. We're really happy that we're able to provide a program of this magnitude to our clients who deserve it. We handle all the PPC on...

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IDX Updates and NEW Title Tag Customization, Polygon Searches, Property Types, and Shortcodes

Title Tag and Description Meta Customization Our IDX now gives the ability for title tag customization! We base all of our products around SEO and this is an important step to make sure you succeed! We also offer you the chance to modify the description meta tags on select pages! To alter the title tags, navigate to Optima Express > IDX Pages....

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How To: Customize Your IDX Search Form Locations

Customize your IDX hotsheets and saved searches searches by adding geographic criteria such as School District, Neighborhood or Subdivision (where available in your MLS) to your search forms and let your prospects and clients EASILY search for homes and condos in targeted areas. How it works Keep in mind, you can always call us and we'll help you step-by-step through any of these...

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How To: Using Your IDX To Close Business

Why nurture leads? Marketing to acquired leads is smart! Forrester Consulting found the following consistencies in companies that nurture leads: They generate 50% more leads at a lower cost per lead They reduce the percentage of ignored leads They raise close rates on leads by 7% They increase agent take home pay – and with a shorter ramp for new agents How to nurture your leads Let’s...

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How To: Create and Update Your Saved Searches

Creating a Saved Search Saved Searches (aka Top Picks / Hot Sheets) allow you to display indexable lists of properties that meet search criteria preselected by you. These pages are dynamically updated to reflect the most current listings on the market. Display a Saved Search on a standalone page or encorporate then in one of the Optima Express shortcodes or widgets. Saved Searches are an...

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How To: Add Listing Gallery Shortcode To Any Page

Add listings to any page or post using the Property Gallery shortcode. Show Featured Listings, Saved Search results or create a simple search directly within the shortcode. This versatile shortcode allows you to display listings on Community Pages, blog posts, custom agent bio pages, landing pages and more. It's also a valuable tool to help you get listings indexed by search engines. Property...

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How To: Add Gallery Slider Shortcode To Any Page

The Gallery Slider allows you to configure a custom-sized dynamic gallery to display Featured Listings or properties from a Saved Search created in your Control Panel (Listings > Saved Searches). You can define the number of rows or columns to display, the effect used when listings advance, and whether the slider auto- or manually advances. If you do not specify a height and...

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How To: Add Shortcodes using the Shortcode Selector

The easiest way to add any Optima Express shortcode to a page or post is to use the Shortcode Selector that's included with the plugin. It provides a list of all available shortcodes as well as fields with which to customize your shortcode. Instead of typing out parameters you can input your selections and insert the shortcode into your page. The...

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How To: Add the Property Gallery Widget

The Property Gallery widget will display a Gallery of 1-10 listings in a widget area, or display a link to a Saved Search page. Search Page with a Property Gallery in the sidebar Here are the different types of galleries this widget can display: Featured Properties Gallery All listings that match your agent ID. If there are no listings in the MLS that match your...

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How To: Create Quick Search Forms with the Shortcode Selector

When using Responsive WordPress IDX, you can use the shortcode selector to create three different styles of the quick search form. This provides more flexibility so that you can seamlessly include the quick search form onto your webpage. From the WordPress post/page editor, select the house icon: Use the shortcode selector to choose Search > Quick Search. Select the Quick Search style you...

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How To: Forward Your Leads and Funnel Them Into Your CRM

Lead Forwarding is a feature within our IDX which allows the real-time transfer of lead contact information to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems or other external systems you may have a website programmer develop for you. Once a lead registers via your website, their contact information (name, email address, and optionally phone number) may be sent to the CRM system or...

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How To: Set Up Email Advanced Routing For Your Clients

Tip of the Month Remind your clients that their account can send a variety of emails related to their lead activity. By default, these are sent to the main company contact in the account. Additional recipients for these various emails can be added using the "Email Advanced Routing" settings in the account Control Panel. Please share the below instructions on how to...

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How To: Setting a Default Filter on a Search Page

Some REALTORS® specialize in certain types of property (e.g. Condos or Lots and Land). With Optima Express, you can help these clients set a default property type on their search page.You can create more than one search page in Optima Express, each with different default filters, as long as you link to the page with the parameters we provide below....

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UPDATED! How To: Point Your Domain To Your New Website

Since our partnership with CloudFlare (upgraded security and performance for your website), things have changed for the better. The easiest way and safest way, is to just give our professionals here at H&H access to your domain registrar so we can do it for you without any kinks or loss of service. But if you'd rather not, no big deal,...

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How To: Make Your Slide Image Link To One Of Your Pages

This was a great question by one of our clients. If you have our Jann or Betty theme (and most likely any newer theme that we have since) you will easily be able to make any of your slide images link to any page you want. Here's how! log into your wordpress backend at using the username and password you received...

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How To: Setting Default Price Ranges

Tech Tip: Setting Default Price Ranges Setting Default Price Ranges for your client's property search forms can help focus visitors' attention on listings within a specific default range. It can also reduce the number of listings the Interactive Map has to display if your client's account includes this feature. This can help speed up the performance of the Interactive Map if your client...

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How To: Receive Text Leads on Your Phone!

  Do you want to be notified about new leads by text? It's easy. Here's what you'll do. Find the email associated with the cell phone. Cell phone carriers provide an email for each phone number. To find the email address associated with a phone number, view this guide. Then, you'll use that email in the IDX Control Panel to have leads sent to...

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How To: See Your Site’s Activity and Most Popular Site Searches

Reports are a powerful way to track subscribers and contacts on your site.  Watch a video on Accessing Reports & Statistics Summary Report The Summary Report can be found in your Control Panel under Report > Summary. This page provides an overview of all activity on your site. Choose Summary from the Reports menu to view the Summary Statistics Report. The Visitors Tracked statistic will help give...

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