How To: Customize Your IDX Search To Better Represent Your Market Area.

City and Zip Code lists By default, the list of cities and zip codes on the IDX Search form page includes all the cities and zips available from your MLS system(s). You can customize these lists to better represent your market area. To create a custom city list: Click on the Search Cities tab of the Search Setup page. Turn the Custom City List ON Use the check...

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How To: Post Links on Facebook

Posting links on Facebook is a great way to self-promote your own blogs, share your ideas and opinions, or video clips. Adding a link to Facebook is pretty simple. Once you post the link, it will show up in your Facebook Feed and all of your friends/clients will be able to see it. 11500

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How To: Create A Blog?

How to start blogging? To start writing posts in your WordPress website, simply log into your website by clicking on the website login at the bottom of your website. Once in the back end click on Posts -> Add New link from your Dashboard. You will be redirected to a page where you can create your article. Enter the title for the article/post and then...

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How To: Creating the Top Picks / Hot Sheet in the Control Panel

Step 1: In order to add your Top Picks / Hot Sheets page to WordPress, you will need to build one in the IDX Control Panel. Once you are logged into your control panel, navigate to Listings > Hot Sheets.     On your Top Picks / Hot Sheets page, click on Create a New Hot Sheet and go through the 5 steps of the builder until you click on Finished,...

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How To: Add A Buyer To The Daily Listing Alerts

Sometimes you might acquire a new buyer lead from a source other than your website. You can help them with their search by adding them as a Subscriber in your account. This will send them automated Email Alerts with information about new listings while also providing a Property Organizer account, to help them keep track of listings they're interested in. Here's...

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How To: Customize Your User Registration Forms

If you are looking for ways to convert more of your site visitors to registered leads, consider enabling the user registration feature in your account. This allows you to control where and when your site visitors are prompted for registration during their search process. 11465

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How To: Create a Facebook Fan Page

Log into your personal Facebook account. In the top right of the screen, click on the down arrow and click "Account Settings". At the bottom footer area, click the link that says "Creat A Page". Click on the type of page you want to create and follow the direction to lead you to the next page. You can immediately upload a new image for...

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How To: Set Up Your Network Solutions Email Client (Video)

Setting up your email address with your Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live, Gmail, Mac Mail, or any other email client can be a struggle and can be very confusing. To help, Network Solutions has released these tutorials and step-by-step instructions to get you sending and receiving your emails in a timely manner. Just make sure you read carefully and follow the...

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How To: Purchase A Domain Transfer To

In a recent email to a special client, we just listed step-by-step on how to purchase a domain transfer to Godaddy. Its very easy, and yes, we even take care of the rest for you... unless of course your previous registrar requests that you call or email them for any authorization codes and acceptance of the transfer (That has...

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How To: Alter Your SEO On Every Single Page or Blog Post

Above you can see a snippet of what a listing on google or yahoo or bing would look like for a certain page. How do you get this? Simple, it comes from your page's Title and Description. Where you put your title and description? Simple, click the image to the left here and you'll see exactly where to...

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How To: Add A Youtube Video To Your Real Estate Page Or Blog

Go to and find the video that you would like to show on your webiste Under the video, click on the "Share" button and then the "Embed" button Choose your size and click your options Copy the code that Youtube provides for you Paste that code into your Wordpress Real Estate page or blog post Click the "Update" button or the "Publish" button if...

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How To: Use Twitter For Your Online Marketing

That social media are essential in online media campaigns has become a truism. But how do you combine your Twitter strategy with your search engine marketing campaign, and how do you generate enough followers for Twitter to make a difference? Why should you use Twitter in your online marketing? There are at least three answers to this question: 1. Given that tweeps (those...

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Marketing With Facebook 101: How To Use Facebook For Online Marketing

Finding a good place to showcase you as a realtor, your services and websites for free in the online world is a dream for every Realtor – Facebook has made this a reality. With over a billion Facebook users and millions of online communities to choose from, Facebook has brought potential customers much closer to you. It’s no big secret that...

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How To: Get Your Google Analytics Code

Sign into your google analytics account at Click on the button that says "Access Analytics". A window will open with a list of your analytics accounts. Click on the "Edit" link on the right hand side next to the account you want the code for. Click on the "Check Status" link in the top right. A text box with all the code you need...

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How To: Change Your YouTube Channel Background

The Youtube Channel has changed to the new version 2.0!  Its now not as complicated but also very simple, a little too simple some might say.  Just follow the directions in the video.  It takes just seconds to do this now!  Make sure to call us to get your new upgraded Youtube background image.

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How To: Create a Facebook Application and iFrame Tab

Type into the Facebook search bar "developer". Click in the dropdown on the link that says "Developer -> App" If you go to the developer app page, click a button that says "Go To App", Otherwise you will be automatically redirected to your apps home page which will list your apps that you have created in the past or it will be...

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How To: Change Your Twitter Background

Sign into your twitter account at Click on "Settings" in the top right Click on "Design" in the top navigation Near the bottom under the sample colors, click on the button to upload your own image Choose the image you'd like to use as your background Click "Save" and you will then see your image as your background, that's it!

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How To: Modify Your Facebook Business Pages

CHANGING ANY INFORMATION ON YOUR FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE IS EASY, BUT AT LEAST SOME HTML KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED. WE’LL GIVE YOU THE BASICS ON HOW TO GET THERE. 1. Sign into your facebook account, make sure its the one with admin privileges to your business page 2. Click on “Account” in the top right 3. Click on “Use Facebook as Page” 4. You’ll...

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