Lead Forwarding is a feature within our IDX which allows the real-time transfer of lead contact information to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems or other external systems you may have a website programmer develop for you.

Once a lead registers via your website, their contact information (name, email address, and optionally phone number) may be sent to the CRM system or custom developed system of your choice.

If you sign-up with any of the following services, contact [email protected] to have your IDX account setup to pass lead registration contact data to your CRM system:

Top Producer

It’s also possible for leads in your IDX account to be forwarded to the following services which use email parsing rather than the lead forwarding service.

Follow Up Boss

If you use either of these services, they will provide you with an email address that you can enter in your IDX account Control Panel (under Setup -> Email Advanced Routing). This will automatically send any new leads to these services. Please contact support for assistance with these settings.

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Hope G.

Riverside, CA

H&H has ALWAYS gone above and beyond for me with my Real Estate website needs! They are putting the finishing touches on my custom site, and I could not be happier! In fact I am over the moon excited. Thru every step of my custom site design, they quickly responded to questions and tweeks. Thank you so much for my AWESOME website!!!

Mark G., Broker

Jacksonville, FL

H&H is the most responsive web site company I have found in the affordable price range. I asked them to do something they had never added to a blog and they figured it out and it now works fantastic. They made changes I requested in a timely manor and my site got rave reviews.

Jodie H.

Missoula, MT

I have had my business website with H&H for nearly a year now and I am very happy with the website as well as the dedication to service the company provides, outstanding!! Thank you H&H!

Jan C.

Macomb, MI

Just wanted to thank you for making my website look great!!! You had it up and running in a week! I am also impressed with the personalized service from you too. Nick is very helpful and informative. He has gone above and beyond in customer service!!! Thanks again!

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