Finding a good place to showcase you as a realtor, your services and websites for free in the online world is a dream for every Realtor – Facebook has made this a reality. With over a billion Facebook users and millions of online communities to choose from, Facebook has brought potential customers much closer to you.
It’s no big secret that Facebook can help you in online marketing. However, We know there are many of you who believe that just registering on Facebook is enough… Well it’s not. Your Facebook success story will ends before it even begins!

There is much more to marketing on Facebook than just creating a profile. Keeping your fans engaged is the key. Don’t be a brand, but be a community they love being a part of. Were going to share with you how you can use the medium of Facebook to increase your customer base as well as retain the ones you have!

Your Facebook Profile: By creating a profile for your business, you are establishing your identity. This will take you a long way in developing relationships with fellow users and in positioning your business. You profile lets you interact with people on a personal note, more so if it’s a local business. It enables public figures, organizations and other entities to create an authentic and public presence on Facebook. You can encourage users to become fans of your page and share information with them by uploading pictures, videos, status updates, hosting discussions and displaying wall posts. Unlike Facebook Profiles, Business pages are visible to everyone on the internet and are generally better for long-term relationships with you clients.

Profile Picture: Always put your best foot forward, which means use the most flattering picture as your profile picture. No matter what they say, a book is judged by its cover. Hundreds of indifferent people with little time to spare are going to decide whether to add you based on your picture. So, make sure you get this one right! Spend the money to have a professional picture taken. In the long run it’s going to be worth it.

Add Friends: After creating a profile, don’t wait for things to happen. Add new friends every day and the word will spread that you’re on Facebook. Before you know it, you’ll be starting your day by accepting friend requests! Make sure to post on your personal page at least once a month asking your friends and family to support you by adding you business page. When you get a new buyers or sellers lead, ask them to do you a favor and “LIKE” your business page! Every client / lead you have, has a email address. Put that email address into the Facebook search to see if you clients have a page and then add away!

Posting on your Wall: This is your main platform to interact with Facebook users. Post messages on your wall and also comment on members’ activities, though, only when relevant. These post can be about anything. Keep it simple. Post your new listings, open houses, current interest rates, mortgage rates, how to’s, spacial offers, testimonials, favorite quotes etc. Just been your self.

Events: Simply put, Facebook Events can help you connect with your target audience and invite them for your events, even if they aren’t on your friend list or one of your fans. Events can be created individually or even from Profiles, Pages. What I like is that Facebook gives you a choice between making the event Public and Private. Let me give you an example of an event. An open house for instance. So what we do is create an event and make it public. Once the event is created you will send out a invite to all your family, friends, past and current client letting them know about this open house. Let say 5 of your friends and family RSPV to your open house. Once people “Like” or attend your event. Now all there friends will see this post. This is how we do multi level marketing.


Social Media Marketing is still in its infancy. We consider this as an advantage because there are not many set rules, you can try & experiment with different methods & techniques. However, if you don’t want to experiment, here are some tried and tested methods that will ensure success:

Be Unique and Keep Updating: Don’t think to hard about this. Just keep it simple. This should become a big part of your business, fit it into your daily routine. Get up in the morning, get your coffee and spend 5 to 10 minutes posting, liking, and commenting on other pages. Everything we do can be seen. So post away and watch what happen!

Exclusive Landing Page for Users: Take new users to a page that encourages them to ‘Like’ you or to a page they would find interesting enough to keep coming back.

Reward Loyal Supporters: Encourage loyal supporters to join your page and reward them. Some as simple as a Starbucks card. Tabs or badges like ‘member of the month’ that can be placed on their profiles for visibility can be awarded to them. A happy customer on Facebook can get you lots of attention. Remind users to Like and Share information about you. When their friends see the updates on the News Feed, it’s highly likely for them to do the same.

Actively Participate Outside Your Page: Find other Facebook pages related to your industry or topic using Facebook Search & start actively commenting on their posts & updates. This is a great way to build relationships in your industry and even adds credibility to your business. If you’re willing to offer free advice on communities and discussions, it will encourage people to check your website out.

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