PPV (Pay-Per-Visit) Monthly Program Sale



UN-PPC? Yup, it’s almost PPC… but not. It’s better. Its quality. It’s real traffic!

We’ve already mastered the keywords needed to gain legitimate traffic in your area!

We’ve been paying for ads from over 300 ad vendors throughout the years and have mastered how to get GOOD/QUALITY traffic to your website. If you have a site with us then you know you already have lead generation popups placed on your site. The users that visit your site, from our program, have already entered information from our landing page into a home search form that redirected them to your page. From there, since they are already entering information into forms, YOUR popup form will collect their info and send it straight to your lead management dashboard.

BUT HOW? First, we buy ads all over the web. The user clicks on the ad and takes them to one of our many landing pages (ie. www.mls.com) with area search forms asking the user to enter their area of interest. Since you’re in their area of interest, the user automatically gets redirected to your website. Once at your website, on a search results page with lists of homes, our popup lead form with then ask them to fill in the rest of their information to view more homes. This traffic that visits your site will be enticed to fill out your form because they have already been entering information in forms to get to where they are now. These are quality, warm, hot, ready to go buyers.