Ouch! My SEO Hurts! Domain Masking, Domain Forwarding, and Duplicate Content

Domain Masking: There are a few ways that you can make your website live for everyone on Earth to see. But some, and even your friendly, most popular providers (without naming names) are doing it totally wrong (and we'll go over why)... Let me preface that we are green in every way possible... RIGHT: change your domain's A Record to an IP...

by H&H Real Estate Media

How To: Setting Default Price Ranges

Tech Tip: Setting Default Price Ranges Setting Default Price Ranges for your client's property search forms can help focus visitors' attention on listings within a specific default range. It can also reduce the number of listings the Interactive Map has to display if your client's account includes this feature. This can help speed up the performance of the Interactive Map if your client...

by H&H Real Estate Media

How To: Use Twitter For Your Online Marketing

That social media are essential in online media campaigns has become a truism. But how do you combine your Twitter strategy with your search engine marketing campaign, and how do you generate enough followers for Twitter to make a difference? Why should you use Twitter in your online marketing? There are at least three answers to this question: 1. Given that tweeps (those...

by H&H Real Estate Media

Marketing With Facebook 101: How To Use Facebook For Online Marketing

Finding a good place to showcase you as a realtor, your services and websites for free in the online world is a dream for every Realtor – Facebook has made this a reality. With over a billion Facebook users and millions of online communities to choose from, Facebook has brought potential customers much closer to you. It’s no big secret that...

by H&H Real Estate Media


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H&H has ALWAYS gone above and beyond for me with my Real Estate website needs! They are putting the finishing touches on my custom site, and I could not be happier! In fact I am over the moon excited. Thru every step of my custom site design, they quickly responded to questions and tweeks. Thank you so much for my AWESOME website!!!

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H&H is the most responsive web site company I have found in the affordable price range. I asked them to do something they had never added to a blog and they figured it out and it now works fantastic. They made changes I requested in a timely manor and my site got rave reviews.

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I have had my business website with H&H for nearly a year now and I am very happy with the website as well as the dedication to service the company provides, outstanding!! Thank you H&H!

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Just wanted to thank you for making my website look great!!! You had it up and running in a week! I am also impressed with the personalized service from you too. Nick is very helpful and informative. He has gone above and beyond in customer service!!! Thanks again!

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