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Hello! I just wanted to shoot you a quick email and let you know that I have received two leads in the past 10 days that have resulted in listings specifically from my website and the high-quality of the design. One found me on the 4th page of Google and decided to call me because my site looked so professional. The other one was a referral but he was trying to decide between me and 6 other Realtors. He chose me and one of the reasons was because my website looked so good. THANK YOU!!!
Nicole J.



I am refraining from spewing profanities at how happy and impressed I am! Thank you madly for not only graciously tolerating my incessant emails but also taking care of my requests in lightening speed!! You’re amazing!! Everything looks per-fect!!!

I want to tell you how wonderful Kevin was in developing my web page. He did a fabulous job! He kept a pleasant attitude and never seemed like he wanted to clobber me. I changed items, drew diagrams, changed and rechanged. He was wonderful. I could not be prouder of this web page. Most companies want to tell you all the things they can do, but then never come through with actually doing it. I really thank you for your great employee, Kevin Grady. Thanks again. If you wish to call me or need referrals for any clients, I’ll be happy to refer you and Kevin.
Thanks again,

You’re awesome Jamie, thanks for all you do, for communicating and doing everything I have asked. I appreciate you very much, had it not been for you, I would have dumped and ran back to Z57 and I am glad I didn’t. You’ve made me feel like I’m doing business with a friend and that eases all my issues. I hope your company realizes your value, if I get the opportunity I will tell them what I think. It is comforting to know that when I need something done, I don’t have to worry about being available to check immediately, I know you will do it and I am happy that changes are made by you and nobody else makes changes.

Good morning:
Yesterday I had a phone conference with Alex Merino. He was superb – attitude, technical ability and personality are beyond compare.
Thank you,

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I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that your customer service is IMPECCABLE and that in itself is worth your monthly fee. (you thought I was going to say something bad, didn’t you?) NOT…. When I email you, you are on it and that’s what a realtor wants and a woman wants, just to know that our people that we are paying have our backs.

Thank you so much. Other than your website service I have to say you guys are pretty honest and reply quickly. So nice compared to the past website companies I have worked with.

Good morning Jamie,
I took a peek at my site and it look FANTASTIC, MARVELOUS, WONDERFUL, DELIGHTFUL, ETC… Certainly a womans touch was put forward on the site; everything I was looking for in the layout; easy for the viewer to have access to their specific type of home there looking for, and simple. Wow, you really made my day when I looked at my site this morning and how it looks so so so FANTASTIC, MARVELOUS, WONDERFUL, DELIGHTFUL, ETC…….
Jamie, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Have a blessed day!


Hi Guys,
I feel the need to write you a little testimonial thanking you. I have been in the Real Estate business for over 18 years and have had many website providers along the way. I must say that your customer service is very responsive to all my questions and needs, even the smallest of issues are handled in a very professional manner. I wrote you quite a few e-mails with questions about uploading my newsletters, adding tags, links and general concerns. I usually got a response the same day saying the issue was resolved and already added to the site. You didn’t provide me with a lengthy step by step instruction list, you just took care of it. You value my time and get things done. I appreciate that! My business is tied to customer service and I appreciate a company that understands and has the same values as me. Awesome, Thank you very much. This is the reason I left ihouse and went with you guys. Your customer service is spot on and very responsive to my needs.
Thanks again,

Jeff Harris Recommendation

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Terri P.

Hello Mervin,
I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how happy I am so far with the website. You had it up and running in no time, but the biggest kudos go to Crystal. She did the walkthrough of the website with me and helped me get started with learning how to do things on the site. She has been patient, thorough, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. If she isn’t the one who gets everyone started, then you need to hire more people exactly like her! Please feel free to share with her my satisfaction with her assistance. She has been GREAT!
Pam W.



Jan C.

Just wanted to thank you for making my website look great!!! You had it up and running in a week! I am also impressed with the personalized service from Nick and the staff too. Nick is very helpful and very informative. He has gone above and beyond in customer service!!!

Thanks again!

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Hope G.

Riverside, CA

H&H has ALWAYS gone above and beyond for me with my Real Estate website needs! They are putting the finishing touches on my custom site, and I could not be happier! In fact I am over the moon excited. Thru every step of my custom site design, they quickly responded to questions and tweeks. Thank you so much for my AWESOME website!!!

Mark G., Broker

Jacksonville, FL

H&H is the most responsive web site company I have found in the affordable price range. I asked them to do something they had never added to a blog and they figured it out and it now works fantastic. They made changes I requested in a timely manor and my site got rave reviews.

Jodie H.

Missoula, MT

I have had my business website with H&H for nearly a year now and I am very happy with the website as well as the dedication to service the company provides, outstanding!! Thank you H&H!

Jan C.

Macomb, MI

Just wanted to thank you for making my website look great!!! You had it up and running in a week! I am also impressed with the personalized service from you too. Nick is very helpful and informative. He has gone above and beyond in customer service!!! Thanks again!

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